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What Is Regression Therapy ?

Regression Therapy is a powerful tool to help our clients uncover the emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks that are keeping them from living the life they desire. This therapy allows for a deeply transformative journey as our clients uncover patterns from their past that are influencing their present.

Relaxation stairway

"Why chose Regression?"

Choosing  regression therapy can help you to tackle everyday habits and deep-seated fears that have led to poor habits, fears or anxieties that are generational, personal or community-based. Our therapy focuses on getting to the root of the problem the greatest healing can be achieved. We are committed to helping you gain insight and understanding into the underlying causes of your issues, and to provide you with the tools to make lasting change.

Explanation of your session at Mistral Therapies~

"What to expect?"

Our regression therapy sessions are safe and effective, conducted online with in-person sessions available upon request. We provide all necessary information for success, guide you into a light trance state to explore the issue, and bring you back to the present once complete.

Let the Snake God guard you

"What happens afterwards?"

After your sessions with me, you will feel refreshed and a little different as you have cleared a great deal of issues.

It is natural to have certain topics come up for review after your session. Approach each issue with love and care. Having different circumstances meet us means that we are fully able to deal with them with new understanding and perspective. 

Be proud of the inner work you have done and how it will transform your outer world.

Drink lots of water and relax into the new you.

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